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As we’re breaking ground and chiseling out new ways to relate to food, I find myself asking, what is it that I really want from food?  The first thing that pops into my mind is deliciousness.  I want to enjoy decadently rich, mouthwatering, soul satisfying delicious meals, three times a day.  Not only do I want to thoroughly enjoy these delightful dishes, I want to look great and feel great too.  I want to have abundant energy, a fit body, and a clear mind.  I don’t want to think about food, or worry about eating too many cookies and not enough veggies.  I want not only eating to be pleasurable but after eating to be as well.  I want to enjoy food rather than be scared of it, scared of not feeling good after eating it, emotionally or physically.  I want to feel comfortable eating with and in front of others and I want to eat sitting straight up rather than hunched over trying to hide my belly.  
I realize as I sit here and actually write out my desires surrounding food that these desires are pretty hollow, inherently empty of anything truly valuable.  I mean talk about the voice of the consumer-driven mind!! If my motivation to change my relationship with food is to look and feel good, I highly doubt success with be as sweet as I imagine. When I really look at these desires I find that they aren’t just mine, their ours.  They are desires that we as a whole, a culture, are creating while simultaneously striving to satisfy.  And what exactly are we trying to satisfy? 

With this in mind I begin to scratch at these superficial desires in regards to my relationship with food in order to see what is holding them up.  I’ve found that under them is actually inertia.  It is my own inertia that desires eating so richly, because I know that when I do my ability to harness my potential  is limited.  It is my own inertia that creates the food dilemma of not knowing what to eat in the first place, because the truth is I do know what to eat, we all know what to eat!  It’s just a matter of retraining ourselves to listen for the answer and then having the integrity to choice what goes into our mouths accordingly.  
When I first sat down to write this blog I was building my case for having to choose one or the other- choose to eat the decadent food (things like cake, cheese, etc. where on my mind) or choose to have the benefits I desire (clear mind, fit body, etc.)  But now I can see that this is only a struggle if I stay on the superficial level of relating to food.  If I go a little deeper I find that the true desires and cravings don’t contradict my desired benefits, and that my desired benefits are actually just by-products of what I truly desire, which is to live a life of meaning and Purpose.  If I place my attention here I find that my original answer to my question, “what do you want from food?” is included as I transcend into a deeper purpose of caring for my body and what/how I eat.
Love, Amber

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I’ve been asking myself what “Eating for Evolution” means… what is it all about? I don’t have “the answer” but I have some thoughts, and I realize that as I attempt to articulate these thoughts, I am contributing to the very evolution of this topic.So lets go back to that question: What does Eating for Evolution mean?

Evolution means to push the edge of what is known. There is an inherent dynamic and forward moving quality to it. “Inclusive” is another word that comes to mind when I think of evolution… but not inclusive of every thing, inclusive of that which is serving a higher purpose. I think of development, and increased integrity.


  • It’s a posture in relationship to food and eating. Its a posture of “wanting to know,” of being interested in finding out what will create and sustain inner radiance. Inner radiance that has no real separation from its effect on the “outside.” It’s a stance of acknowledgment of the Truth of interconnectedness.
  • It’s a relationship to food in which we listen. We listen to the interaction of certain foods within us. We listen because we know that who we are “in the world” is greatly effected by what we fuel ourselves with and how we go about doing this.
  • It’s a relationship to food and eating in which we take responsibility; we face the fact that how we eat is a reflection of how we live.
  • And finally, its a posture poised for evolutionary growth. When we are Eating for Evolution we are busting myths and blazing new trails! We are learning to trust our inner wisdom and melding this with our desire to reach unimagined potentials. We do this because we realize that the future truly does depend on us!

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