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The first step in the process of conscious change is having a desire to do so. This desire, this sincere questioning for the purpose of growth, has the ability to open portals to deeper and higher dimensions of being.

What does my relationship to food reflect? It does indeed act as a mirror for my/our core beliefs and values. How I eat is not separate from how I live.

What would it look like if I were eating in a way that supported my “inner” work as primary, knowing that my outer being (and the “outer” world for that matter) is an emanation of this?

What happens if I honor the wisdom gained from listening to something more than what my mind is saying when choosing what to eat?

What happens when what I eat is actually a reflection of what I profess my core values to be? Do they line up? This is a matter of integrity.

What happens when I put my attention on something other than my momentary perception of comfort?

What happens in my body/mind when I eat ______?

Do I pay attention to what I put in my mouth? What happens when I do, and when I don’t? How is this a real time reflection of my capacity to pay attention to and engage in a meaningful way with life?

What are my intentions?

This last one may seem general and not necessarily related to what or how I eat, but it has been becoming clearer and clearer to me that my intentions in regards to food, are a reflection of, nothing less than, my life intentions.

What is worth looking carefully into is this: The mind’s functioning is greatly effected by what you eat. Your capacity for intentionality is affected by the mind. So where does this leave us: Both intentionality and eating are means of expressing and manifesting who you are, and their interaction with each other is profoundly intimate.

As we move forward in life, with the genuine desire to help make the world a better place, to transform the very culture that we are growing in, it is of utmost importance that we consciously cultivate clarity. If we truly want to see, then an excellent place to start is by looking into the mirror of what and how we eat. Through this we will learn to see ourselves with insightful subtlety.

This practice serves to further fuel clarity of intention in life, and simultaneously our intentions influence what choices we make with food. And as we choose for integrity, in the moment, what is realized is that this could never be just about me, you, or one individual. It is literally affecting the Whole.

To clarity!



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