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McLovinLast Friday my husband and I were out at a local pub celebrating his birthday.  As it was the eve before Halloween the scene was hopin’ with costumes, laughter, and great music.   My senses were saturated as I surveyed the joint, taking in all the action.  Sandwiched between your average Joes at the bar, Beaker from the Muppets, a bumblebee in fishnet stockings, a gypsy and several naughty nurses, there was, needless to say, a lot to take in.  
But as the sea of cleavage and tight skirts parted, a fairly short guy, probably in his mid-twenties, caught my eye- or rather his T-shirt did.   He was wearing what at first glance appeared to be just a plain shirt with a yellow M on it, and the phrase “I’m lovin’ it.” It took me a second glance, but as I looked again I realized the golden arches were not the arches on your average Happy Meal, rather they were a pair of women’s legs in heals.. well you get the picture.  Instantly disgusted by the whole scene I felt like a lowlife just being there, but nonetheless it got me thinking about McDonald’s famous catch phrase “I’m lovin’ it.”  
I think it’s safe to say that it isn’t really a stretch of our intelligence, or experience, to see that McDonald’s food isn’t lovin’ us, and that we aren’t really lovin’ it. I know, I’m putting the kibosh on a good ‘ole American favorite, but times are a changing, or rather consciousness is.  As I consider what foods are worthy of my love I find myself looking to foods that resemble the values that I strive for, like integrity, vitality and higher levels of consciousness.  I know it sounds funny to think of food having values like this, but the deeper I look at it, the more I see that the separation between what is on my plate and who I am is dissolving.  

We’ve all heard the phrase “You are what you eat,” but how deeply do we really understand this statement to be true?  As co-creator of Eating for Evolution, food and our relationship to food, is on my mind a lot, and yet I continue to be amazed by the subtle and intimate nature of how profoundly food affects every aspect of our being.  
I’m finding that our relationship to food is just like a marriage.  And like in marriage, at least in culture I’m in, we choose our partner, just like we choose what we eat and what we don’t eat.  And similar to a wholesome “marriage,” we can choose partners that love us, give us tender care and support for higher development.  Contrary to an unwholesome “marriage” where there is lack of vitality, strong sense of separation and stagnation.  While society has gobbled this concept up intellectually, experientially it seems we are seriously lacking.  I say this because once we step beyond our cognition and become an embodiment of this knowledge; it isn’t just our diets that change, our expression in the world changes, and as this changes the culture at large does.  The vibration of cultural revolution is in the air but it has yet to blossom into a full fledge cultural movement.  

When we place emphasis on greater values and becoming the kind of people who live up to these values, the discrepancy between our unlived aspirations and our choices will soften, becoming perpetually integrated.  Then we can experience what it is really like to be “lovin’ it,” in the most wholesome expression possible.



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