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Conscious Evolution

I have been working with food since I was old enough to stand up and stick my fingers in Mom’s cooking. I had an experience of deep knowing at 8 years old that my Purpose here was to cook good food and help nourish people.

That realization was interpreted through the mind of an 8 year old. It has been incredible to watch my interpretation of that “knowing” evolve. The Eating For Evolution Community was ultimately born out of that very early insight!

The deep sense of Purpose that filled me then was/is actually not separate from the very impulse that we each experience as the heart level compulsion to create a better future, a better world.

It’s easy to lose our way, or experience the feeling of lack of purpose. We live in a world that is more connected technologically that it has ever been, and yet many people have the experience of isolation and separation.

I can think of no way better to instantly “reconnect” to the unity of life than choosing to prepare and eat wholesome and simple foods. This is a very literal, cellular, and no doubt spiritual way to unite all of life.

And what is absolutely incredible about choosing to eat well, for the right reasons, is that it actually opens portals inside for evolution itself! Simple, wholesome and delicious food can help create and sustain the very clarity that we need in order to build a better

I am thrilled to bring you this cutting edge interview with Megan Cater called “Conscious Evolution.”  This interview dives into the inspiring recognition that we are all a part of The Evolutionary Process; this process is purposeful and we are responsible for continuing to take it forward. Right now we’re at the crux… a transition point, and a conscious effort has to be made in order to take the next developmental step. The time is now, and we are the ones we’we’ve been waiting for! Click here to find out more



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