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chopin veggiesI love Amber’s line from the last post: “even if we’re making these wonderful and smart choices around food, it doesn’t necessarily mean our relationship to food is any different. It can still be convoluted with impure motivations and fraught with personal fears and desires.” 

One of the courses that we soon will be offering through Eating for Evolution will be focused on helping folks to transcend this “problem” based relationship with food. How that is needed! And we have a lot of work to do as a culture if we truly intend to lift ourselves out of what I like to call “food neuroticism.”

For now, start to notice all of the “voices” or thoughts that come up in your mind as you begin to decide what to eat. I want you to see and experience first hand how un-simple and downright disconnected from “body reality” our thoughts about food can be. Here are some of the common ones:
How much fat?
How many calories ?
s it cheap and fast?
What is the glycemic index?
an I lose weight if I eat this?
Will this make me bloated?
I want it but I shouldn’ have it.
Oh but I want it!
Oh but I REALLY shouldn’t have it.
Does this have enough fiber?
Is this “heart healthy?”
I ate ___ for breakfast, will ____ this be ok If I eat ____ will I be able to fit into _____?

And the list goes on. But notice that no-where up there are questions like “what does my body really need or want?” or “Am I hungry?” Where is the simplicity? I think that it gets lost somewhere in the complexity of our “knowledge” around “nutritionism.”

Now science has brought us many wonderful insights and I am most certainly a proponent of knowledge and forward progress. But what I ask is, is all of this scientific knowledge about food and nutrition actually helping us move forward? Open ended question, and open for debateŠ would love to hear your thoughts.

Being in the field myself, I have come to see that my increasing knowledge around the reductionist aspects of food (protein, vitamins, mineral, antioxidants), has simply served to re-enforce deep and time honored facts: Eat food, real food, as unprocessed and whole as possible. When you do this, you will get all of these fantastic micronutrients without having to worry about it! Eat lots of plants, and prepare them simply. Eat as many things that grow in your area as possible. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. And eat food that makes your entire Being feel alive and alert.

These are pretty straight forward guidelines and are fundamentally simple and good. They are important to embrace in order to shift our food neuroticism. Next post: “How to drop the crazy mind when choosing what to eat!”

Warmly, Tiffany

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I’ve been asking myself what “Eating for Evolution” means… what is it all about? I don’t have “the answer” but I have some thoughts, and I realize that as I attempt to articulate these thoughts, I am contributing to the very evolution of this topic.So lets go back to that question: What does Eating for Evolution mean?

Evolution means to push the edge of what is known. There is an inherent dynamic and forward moving quality to it. “Inclusive” is another word that comes to mind when I think of evolution… but not inclusive of every thing, inclusive of that which is serving a higher purpose. I think of development, and increased integrity.


  • It’s a posture in relationship to food and eating. Its a posture of “wanting to know,” of being interested in finding out what will create and sustain inner radiance. Inner radiance that has no real separation from its effect on the “outside.” It’s a stance of acknowledgment of the Truth of interconnectedness.
  • It’s a relationship to food in which we listen. We listen to the interaction of certain foods within us. We listen because we know that who we are “in the world” is greatly effected by what we fuel ourselves with and how we go about doing this.
  • It’s a relationship to food and eating in which we take responsibility; we face the fact that how we eat is a reflection of how we live.
  • And finally, its a posture poised for evolutionary growth. When we are Eating for Evolution we are busting myths and blazing new trails! We are learning to trust our inner wisdom and melding this with our desire to reach unimagined potentials. We do this because we realize that the future truly does depend on us!

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