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When it comes to evolution and revolution all boundaries dissolve.  There is no “us versus them,” or “in compared to out.”  Seeing through evolutionary eyes is recognizing that even though there may appear to be separations, ultimately everything is just a part of the big One.   When we recognize that at any given moment there is really only one thing happening, only one thing going on, we can begin to see through the boundaries created by our minds, by our egos.  And when we experience and deeply acknowledge this to be Truth we can see that evolution and revolution go hand in and hand, and we realize that revolution could never really be a personal matter.  Instead we can see that revolution describes the process of consciousness evolving.

With this being said, we’re thrilled to give you a taste of what else is percolating in the outer reaches of culture.  Below you’ll find a post by our friends at Hungry for Revolution….

What does the food revolution have to do with 2012? Well, it all boils down to one sentence, “The world we have created is not sustainable.” This is the first sentence of a revolutionary new book by Ervin Laszlo entitled, WorldShift 2012: Making Green Business, New Politics, and Higher Consciousness Work Together.

Laszlo is the founder and president of The Club of Budapest, a think tank with honorary members such as Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, as well as politicians, artists, scientists, musicians, economists, spiritual leaders—the list is impressive. WorldShift 2012 is introduced as The Club of Budapest’s “Handbook of Conscious Change,” and this is in fact how the book reads, as a handbook. It is short and to the point, stuffed full of information, part politics, part philosophy, part science, part spirituality—like the Club itself.

The handbook defines a WorldShift as “a worldwide shift from a path of unsustainability, conflict, and confrontation to a path toward sustainability, well-being, and peace.” Laszlo describes in great detail what this shift will look like, why it needs to come about, and what it will take to cause it. Part of this is shifting “from living on the shoulders of nature to being a harmonious part of the ecosystem” (44). This is what Hungry for a Revolution is all about. So many essential elements of our lives right now are in blatant conflict with nature, and this is causing many unnatural consequences, among these global warming, poverty, and growing health epidemics.

WorldShift 2012 acknowledges the overwhelming problems our world is facing and presents us with the possibility of a complete shift in the world as we know it. In the foreword by Deepak Chopra, he states, “We are already living in two worlds. One world moves ahead by inertia from the past, like a massive luxury liner drifting at sea, while the other steps into the unknown, like a child entering the woods for the first time” (ix). This is the revolution we seek, and apparently it is a revolution in consciousness.

WorldShift 2012 is available at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon.com.

Check out the website and consider signing the WorldShift Declaration.

Naturally yours,
the food patriot

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